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  • Naomi Tul'lorin

    Naomi Tul'lorin is a distinguished member of the [[High Council|High Council]]. Her opinion and wisdom is often sought on issues of importance. Of late she has helped a small band of troubled adventurers aka [[The Party|The Party]].

  • El'luin Brightbay

    Known for putting the needs of her soldiers and people ahead of all other concerns. She is considered a binding force between the [[High Council | High Council]] and the [[Pentifex Order|Pentifex Order]] because of her relationship with Iella. She …

  • Calastran Movrani

    A man of slight build stands before you, and though his fine cloak is dusty and travel-worn he stands with the poise of a nobleman at a ball. His red-streaked blond hair is cast loosely to his shoulders, some if it kept back with a crimson knot. Vaguely …

  • Fullorin

    A youngish sage at 45. Has spent his time observing a site of power for Naomi. Thus far he has been unable to provide much assistance to the party due to the strain of his captivity.

  • Captain Leonas

    The captain is a jovial man, who, in an effort to cope, will make light of serious situations. Despite this he is a very loyal and dependable comrade. He favors a mobile brawling type of combat. And he is proud that he once pulled the collective butt's …

  • Badru

    Finding my soul-brother: Abandoned by my family I grew up in a strange town. I was raised by a pit fighting boss who was a former hunter himself. All I knew was I was not allowed to have a normal life. I was just cursed or blessed depending on who you …

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